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WLRP supports Pennsylvania Women Lifer's who want to share their positive experiences, personal growth, and to assist the women in seeking a second chance.

The Women Lifers Resume Project supports all of the 200 plus women in Pennsylvania who are serving a life without parole sentence (LWOP).  Resumes featured on this site are of a voluntary nature and should not be perceived as the only women we support for release.  Some women have elected not to participate at this time.

Who are we?

We are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts. We are beloved family members.

SCI Muncy

SCI Cambridge Springs

     To family members and friends of incarcerated loved ones who are filing or considering filing for commutation:


     We understand this is a difficult time for you and your loved one(s). It is important to remember that you are not alone in this journey.

     The Pennsylvania Board of Pardons provides a clemency process for those who have filed or are considering filing for PA commutation. The journey through the commutation process may be arduous, but through the power of prayer and unwavering belief, we find solace in the prospect of a swift and just release from incarceration.

     Let our collective prayers be a beacon of light, illuminating the path toward redemption and renewal. As we await the fulfillment of our petitions, let us stand united, supporting one another with love and resilience. The road may seem long, but with faith as our compass, we will endure.

     May the grace of God provide comfort to our loved ones behind bars, and may our bond as a family and circle of friends remain unbroken, resilient, and filled with hope.

     Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones, and do not hesitate to reach out to support groups or other resources for help.

LGF Commutation Kit 2023.JPG

Let’s Get Free’s Commutation Support Kit is geared toward people in PA prisons with Life Without Parole sentence. However, much of the info is applicable to folks who are currently incarcerated applying for a sentence reduction. The guide includes tips for every step of the process: writing the application, creating job and homeplans, support letters, preparing for the interview, filing for reconsideration, etc. It also includes all the instructions from the Board Of Pardons website.

Photo Gallery of Participants
From SCI Muncy and SCI Cambridge Springs

Sheena King
Brittany Williams
Sylvia Boykin
Patricia Stark
Loni Krick
Tracey Shaw
Thelma Nichols
Terri Harper
Tequilla Fields Photo_edited
Cynthia G Photo
Yvonne Hiller
Nichole Hawkins
Tricia Muff
Rose Boyd-Tolver
Stacey Newkirk
Heather Lavell
Rose Dinkins
Geraldine El Photo
Marie Rodriguez
Karen Ann Phillips
Denise Crump
MIirinda Sue Boob
Sarita Miller
Doris Williamson
Normita Jackson
Niegra Egerton
Jennifer Vinsek_edited
Cheryl Casper Photo
Nicole Newell
Paula Johnson
Celest Coles
Melony Ford
Marsha Scaggs
Kristin Edmundson
Dorothy Farbo
Nelda Beatty
Marie Scott
Heather Lavelle
Rebecca Young Photo
Lori Lassiter
Kystle Weaver
Kyra Clardy
Diane Weaver
Jacqueline Masse
Michelle Hetzel
Janet Martin
Debra Lee Brown
Cyd Berger
Brenda Watkins
Amy Pencille
Chanel Wiest 5-22 Photo
Chamella Morris
Cybil Swank


Letters of Support  from family members, loved ones and friends are very much welcomed and will also be included on the WLRP website.


If you wish to participate, there are some areas to consider when writing your letter: 

  • A description of your current relationship with the incarcerated person.


  • The length of time you have been supporting this person.


  • What affect this person's incarceration has had on you (e.g. emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.).

  • If this person is given the opportunity to be released, how will you be involved and what type of  support will you offer her?

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