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Public Hearing Information

Proposed State Parole Guidelines

Proposed State Parole Recommitment Ranges

The Commission has scheduled the following public hearings, to be held using Zoom Webinar, and providing limited opportunities for on-site testimony consistent with COVID-19 social distancing safeguards: 


Hearing I. 

Date: Monday, August 31, 2020 

Time: 10:00 a.m. 

Zoom: Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/PCSPUBPAR1 

Onsite Location: SCI-Benner Township, 301 Institution Drive, Bellefonte, PA 16823 


Testify via Zoom: Testimony and in-person attendance during Hearing I is limited to inmates of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections*

Attend via Zoom: Those wishing to attend Hearing I via Zoom Webinar may register at the link provided above. 



*Heather Lavelle [Muncy] and Kevin Butler [Phoenix] are among those “invited” incarcerated persons invited to speak at this hearing. This may be the first time the Commission has solicited testimony from those living inside the walls.  Heather is serving a life sentence and is President of the Lifers organization; Kevin is serving a long-term sentence and he is President of the Gray Panthers-his commutation hearing is scheduled for September.   There is likely many others scheduled to speak—these are the two people who notified me of their upcoming appearance [via Zoom] at this hearing. 



Hearing II. 

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 

Time: 2:00 p.m. 

Zoom: Webinar Registration Link: https://bit.ly/PCSPUBPAR2 

Onsite Location: Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (State College Office), 204 East Calder Way, Suite 400, State College, PA 16801 

Attend or Testify via Zoom: Those wishing to attend Hearing II and/or testify during Hearing II via Zoom Webinar may register at the link provided above. 

Attend or Testify in Person: Those wishing to testify in person during Hearing II may register by contacting the Commission (Cathy Dittman – 814-863-5729 or cwd2@psu.edu) to schedule a specific time for on-site testimony. 


Persons or organizations wishing to testify are asked to register at least five business days prior to the hearing and to provide an electronic copy of any testimony. Written comments from persons or organizations not wishing to testify should be received by the Commission at least five business days before the last-scheduled public hearing. Forward all testimony and documents to Cathy Dittman (CWD2@PSU.EDU). 

Life Cycles Toward Freedom


            Register to participate in the Life Cycles Toward Freedom, virtual film

            screenings of three short films.                


August 2020 Life Cycles Toward Freedom Calendar of Events

                       There will be live closed captioning at all the events.

  • August 11: Tuesday – 7 – 8:30 pm Virtual Film Screening Premier

    • This evening’s special guest is musician BL Shirelle. BL Shirelle knows many of the women featured in the films and is the Deputy Director of Die Jim Crow Records a nonprofit record label for currently and formerly incarcerated people. BL will be performing a couple of songs from the recently released album – Assata Twoi.

    • Register Here for August 11th

  • August 18: Tuesday – 7 – 8:30 pm Virtual Film Screening

    • Special Guests: Naomi Blount is the 2nd woman to receive commutation in the state of PA in 30 years. (Invited Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and Brandon Flood)

    • Register Here for August 18th

  • August 25: Tuesday – 7 – 8:30 pm Virtual Film Screening

    • Special Guests: Stanley Mitchell who was released 7 years ago under the 2012 “Unger” Ruling. We will hear how the state of Maryland managed a mass release of aging prisoners.

    • Additional Screening: The Ungers: A Matter of Time 10 minutes

    • Register Here for August 25th

Each film screening will showcase the latest series of short films produced by Tusko Films, which features currently incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and includes footage from inside the two women’s prisons in PA, SCI Muncy and SCI Cambridge Springs.

The film entitled Pennsylvania’s Commutation Process:  Naomi Blount’s Experience takes you through one woman’s journey of the lengthy and laborious steps of achieving freedom from a life sentence. Naomi Blount was the second woman to receive commutation in the last 30 years and has been home for one year. Lt. Governor John Fetterman, a leader in PA’s commutation reform, is also featured in this film. 

We Are More Than Our Worst Day, a 12 minute short, radiates resilience and the power to change that is widespread amongst people with death by incarceration sentences. This poignant vignette features the transformative journeys of Tequilla Fields and Tameka Flowers who are both seeking commutation.


You Deserve Better Than Prison: Messages to Youth from Women Serving Life (4 minutes) was the idea of Avis Lee who is currently awaiting a public hearing that will decide her freedom. The desire to protect young people from similar paths is echoed throughout PA prisons and this piece showcases many voices, including family members and formerly incarcerated women who were sentenced to die as young people. 


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Normita Jackson
SCI Cambridge Springs
Sheena King
SCI Muncy
Brittany Williams
SCI Muncy
Jessica Strohl
SCI Cambridge Springs
Sylvia Boykin
SCI Muncy
Sarita Miller
SCI Muncy
Cybil Swank
SCI Muncy
Avis Lee
SCI Cambridge Springs
Sameania Carey
SCI Muncy
Rose Marie Dinkins
SCI Muncy
Rose Boyd-Tolver
SCI Muncy
Karen Ann Phillips
SCI Muncy
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SCI-Muncy inmates reveal stories of medical neglect, high cancer rates

 Written by:  Melissa Farenish

Muncy, Pa. --  “Shavonne had a great sense of humor. She really liked her friends. What you see is what you got with her. She was a straight shooter. She was well liked at Muncy,” said Ellen Melchiondo, a volunteer from the Pennsylvania Prison Society. She recently spoke about Shavonne Robbins, one of the many inmates she became acquainted with at the women’s State Correctional Institute – Muncy.


Robbins is one of the recent cancer deaths among women who served time at Muncy. She died on December 15, 2019 at the age of 43 after battling several years with a rare abdominal mucous cancer. Robbins, who was serving a life sentence, was at Muncy for 25 years before being released in 2017.  READ MORE

Message from WLRP

Physical and Mental Health issues continue to be a concerning factor as women age behind prison walls. Are they getting the proper care needed to remain healthy?  What type of physical and mental health issues do they face every day?  


The women were asked if they would like to share some of their health issues in order to better inform the public about living life behind prison walls.  Positive responses were received so, Health Report is now a new topic added on the resume'.  The written resume' assessments of the women's health issues do not necessarily represent diagnosis made by the medical community but they do identify personal health conditions of which, through pain and uncertainty, the women continue to progressively work through in their quest for continuing education and living as active working participants within their prison community -  as they continue to pray that one day, in the near future, they will be blessed with the opportunity to take their skills and knowledge to the outside communities.  

Click on the picture to go directly to the resume' where the health report has been added

Terri Harper

Sylvia Boykin

Marie Rodriguez

Melony Ford

Nelda Beatty

Delores Rivers


Sylvia Boykin

Sylvia Boykin, age 61, is a mother of three, a grandmother of seven, an enthusiastic member of her church community, a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist, and a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While growing up in a Philadelphia home destroyed by drugs and alcohol, she was a victim of both incest and rape at a young age. These crimes were 


Sylvia Boykin.png
Sylvia Boykin2.png


Blount & Trudel


Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Secretary of the Board of Pardons, Brandon Flood walk you step by step through the Pardons Application Process.


Worth watching for anyone interested in receiving a Pardon in Pennsylvania!

Go to:  Bop.pa.gov for more information



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