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If you have a loved one serving a life sentence at SCI Muncy or SCI Cambridge Springs who would like to participate in the Women Lifers Resume’ Project of PA (WLRP), please submit her resume and photos for addition to the website.  If you prefer to send the resume and pictures through the US Postal Service, please mail to:  

Women Lifers Resume Project of PA,   P.O. Box 854, Washington Crossing, PA 19877

Resumes’ should include categories such as an objective – “what would you do if granted a 2nd chance at freedom”, work experience, education received while incarcerated, activity and group participation, etc.   The final category is a brief summary titled “The Woman I am Today” where the women are able to document their personal growth while incarcerated.  If available, please submit 2 photos - one before incarceration and one of present day. The idea is to show the passage of time.   Each resume' will be unique as each woman is.  

We thank you for your participation and for supporting ALL individuals who have been sentenced to life without parole.

Letters of support from family members and loved ones are very much welcomed and will also be included on the WLRP website (unless otherwise requested not to do so).  The WLRP website platform must be adhered to in order for your letter to be published on the website.  If you wish to participate, there are some areas to consider when writing your letter: 



1.  A description of your current relationship with the incarcerated person. 


2.  The length of time you have been supporting this person.


3.  What affect this person's incarceration has had on you  (e.g. emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc.).


4.  If given the opportunity to be released, how will you be involved and what type of  support will you offer her?


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