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     WLRP was created at SCI Muncy after a small group of state representatives visited the facility and met with "The Lady Lifers" who performed "This is Not My Home" at the TEDx event in October 2014.  The elected officials admitted they knew nothing about life sentenced women and would like to know more about them in order to advocate for their future.


     The MISSION of WLRP is to aid in the reformation of Pennsylvania state policies and support the elimination of LWOP sentencing by documenting the transformation of women who are serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole, enabling this population of women the opportunity to reenter society.

     The WLRP website is a platform for Women Lifers who want to have a voice in their future by showing the commonwealth and society their transformation while incarcerated.  These women have grown into awesome, productive individuals who are remorseful of past actions, have compassion for others, take advantage of the positive programs and activities offered by the institutions and they want and deserve a 2nd chance at freedom.

The WLRP website is not a platform for negativity against the correctional institutions - including those in charge.  It does not allow for a description or explanations of any type of crime that caused any of the women to be sentenced to LWOP.

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