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Voices From Inside

Artist:  Kristin Edmundson - SCI Muncy  

August 2016


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Kristin Edmundson


Women Lifers

at SCI Muncy

Life Sentences, a documentary produced by the Pennsylvania Prison Society in 1988. Features Sharon "Peachie" Wiggins and Diane Metzger at SCI Mucny and several men at SCI Graterford. While this film documents the political nature of commutation in 1988, the situation remains the same in 2013.

(The situation continues to remain the same in 2016)

The Lady Lifers (SCI Muncy)


The Lady Lifers (SCI Muncy)

        SCI Muncy has a strong, vibrant lifer population that adds to the quality of life of inmates and staff and our organization...lifers are the soul of the department." 

      DOC Secretary John Wetzel at

      SCI Muncy Tedx, 2014

June, 2016


Post Card from the Women @ SCi Muncy.


Please do not let their voices go unheard!

Marie Scott


Those Who Fell Through The Gap of Justice

    Neuroscience and Juvenile Lifers


Making Our Voices Heard - Heather Lavelle

Exonerate My Soul - Mary Berger

Forgotten Women - Lee Horton

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