The Campaign to Restore Meaningful Commutation  is headed to Harrisburg on Thursday June 23rd and we could use some community support to get there! Our campaign launched at the beginning of April when we sent our 12 point platform  to State lawmakers, a month later we called over 140 offices following up and seeking allies. Now it's time to go to the capital! ​

As mass incarceration in Pennsylvania continues to impact our communities across the state; there are an increasing number of aging people in prison serving Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences, many of whom have been incarcerated for decades. Commutation, an act of mercy by the state, is the only way lifers can have a chance to be parole eligible, but right now the commutation process is essentially unusable for lifers. 

Many lifers have changed very much during their time in prison, and want to give back to their communities and educate youth to keep them from following in their footsteps. Statistically, aging lifers represent the least likely subset to reoffend. 

 In the last 25 years, only 8 Men and -0- women or trans people have had their life sentences commuted. 

With reforms, we believe the commutation process could be used justly and effectively to release prisoners who are not a threat to public safety, returning them to their families and communities, and also relieving the unnecessary and enormous state costs of their continued incarceration.

We believe mercy is a component of a true justice system, even in situations where irreparable harm has occurred, including murder. We advocate that a mandatory punitive response such as Life Without Parole does not prevent further violence in our communities nor create a process for healing.

Immeasurable gratitude for your support!
Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. 

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